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Update: 6 months later! October 2, 2011

2 Oct
Sunday, October 2nd 2011
After a long hiatus, I am back online again!  Wahoo! I am excited to finally have a little time to write again and share my experiences with you all!
It has been a long road of healing for me since my last post but I am getting stronger everyday.  Although filled with many happy times, the summer was tough for me especially after my brother moved out at the end June. Bobby was such a tremendous help to me and I love and miss him so much!  Bobby you are amazing and I am lucky to have you as my brother! In Bobby’s absence, I had the kids by myself for the last 6 weeks of summer while my hubby was back at work. Crazy times but I was so grateful just to spend time with my children. Because I was not able to drive very far, I could not do all the fun things I would have normally done with them so instead we spent lots of quality time together at our pool in the backyard.  The kids really did not care as long as they were with mom.
The kids are back in school now and adjusting to a new schedule away from mom. My 9-year-old, Travis, has struggled with what has happened to mommy and he has been sick one day each week since school started. I think he has just missed mom and did not want to be away from me.  He is doing better now and I am so happy he seems to feel safer.
How am I
If you follow me on Facebook then you know a little of how I have been doing.  I have continued to heal at a miraculous rate and now almost 6 months has passed since my hospitalization. I have been back at the gym and able now to work out on a regular basis about 5 days a week.  I have been focusing on rebuilding my strength with small weight workouts in the gym and regaining my endurance and coordination taking short runs, spin and cardio dance classes at AVAC with group exercise instructor extraordinaire Stacy Dunnett. Stacy is an amazing friend to me and has been both a motivation and an inspiration to me throughout my recovery.  Much love and many thanks to you Stacy!  I LOVE that my dance classes are assigned PT for me.  It’s coming back slowly but surely. Yay!!
As I mentioned in a previous post, I injured my rotator cuff when I passed out during my aneurysm.  My shoulder was injured when I fell unconscious holding the bar bell in my hands. The bar bell weight I was still holding at the time fell overhead while I was lying down on a bench with 2 risers and I rolled my right arm way beyond normal limits. It’s hard to explain. Regardless, I have a severely torn rotator cuff in my supraspinatus tendon which has caused many painful and sleepless nights the last 6 months. The doctor is amazed at my pain tolerance and that I can do so much without feeling pain. I am just happy I have been able to be functional the last few months. I will be in a sling for about 4 weeks and I will not be able to drive for most of it then I am back to PT again another 2 – 3 months after that. I was supposed to get my shoulder fixed in July but the doctors decided it was best to wait 6 months before going under any kind of anesthesia.  SMART move!  My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th at 11:15am.  It is outpatient surgery so I will be recovering at home.  If anyone wants to help with meals or rides you can sign up as a volunteer at  It’s a bit of a pain so you can also just email me.  No worries, you thoughts and prayers are enough.
Although physically I am doing well, all the emotional and the expected post traumatic symptoms are coming up now.  My family and I are handling it all the best we can and we are doing just fine because of the support and love from our wonderful family, friends and a few therapists.  I will post more on this topic soon.
I will continue to update more regularly now that I am feeling better and the kids are back in school. I am looking forward to the next post after my surgery on Tuesday. Wish me luck!
Love you all,