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My Home Coming – A Year Later

4 May

A year ago today, I came home from the hospital 30 days after my brain aneurism happened.  I remember being in the hospital and working so hard with the PT’s and doctors so that I could get cleared to be home by my birthday on May 6th. What an amazing feeling when I was able to slowly and carefully walk on my own out of that door, get in the car and ride home. I remember my eyes filled with tears because I could not believe I had made it out. Wow!  It’s been a long road this year and I am so proud of how much my family and I have grown. I am so grateful for the many lessons I have learned and the life transformations that have occurred over the last year.  Thank you to my husband and my friends who have stuck by my side throughout it all.  I know it was challenging for you too and I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life. The journey is not over but I celebrate how far I have come.  I live each day with a life force that I have never known.  What’s next…continue recovery, starting a new career in life wellness coaching, speaking engagements, a little travel and most importantly maintaining life balance.  All while focusing on time with my kids, my husband and close friends and building a warm and welcoming home. Stay tuned…it just gets better from here!


Today, I am going to treat myself and get my nails done or maybe a foot massage.  I don’t know who with or where but I will head out after my Zumba class with Stacy and have a glass of champagne!


Love to you all,


“Live the life you were meant to. Love from your soul. Laugh while your doing it.”  Dianne Maldonado Hill