My Intention for a Happy 2016

3 Jan

Happy New Year all!! I had a wonderful start to 2016, ringing in the New Year with close friends and surrounded with laughter, love and connection. I can’t think of a better way to start out 2016. Over the last few weeks, I have been receiving messages, signals and signs from various sources including God and the Universe that I need to stop hiding. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I am not allowing myself to reach out and be seen, to share my gifts with my community, my country and the world. I am making too many excuses and I am limiting myself. I heard and felt this but it’s a busy time so I kind of put it aside for the moment. Then, last night, one of the most humble, talented and amazing women I was with, shared a story that just hit home with me. We were talking about New Year’s resolutions and how no one ever keeps them EXCEPT this one year she shared with us. In this particular year, she decided that she was going to face her fears and start doing those uncomfortable things she was avoiding all the years prior. It changed her life. She got a new job, she moved to a new state, she met amazing people and had experiences that she will never forget and she even met the man that would be her life partner. I would chalk that up as pretty remarkable year.

Having already had my own internal callings and many external messages, I was deeply inspired by her story. I have decided that I am going to STOP making excuses and START raising the bar for myself. In 2016, I am committing to doing something everyday that is even slightly out of my comfort zone. Especially, the things that I am resisting the most. Even just the tiniest actions will count and I am going to journal my experiences as I take those actions. I am so excited!! I feel this surge of energy in my body that this is absolutely the right path I need to take right now. So stay tuned and follow along if you want to see how empowered action, manifestation, spirituality, love, connection, living my values and my purpose play out this 2016.

Wishing you all a peace, abundance and love in 2016 and beyond,

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